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The idea
The Dr. Why is a multimedia game which gives the chance to clients of pubs to live the emotion of the TV quiz shows as "Who wants to be a Millionaire".

Entertainment reaches the top because teams fight constantly against time and other tables. An anchorman organises the show, he reads questions, comments the results and gives presents to the best winners.

A quiz night Dr. Why is normally divided in a match of qualification and in the following playoffs, shorter, 'till the election of the best team of the show. The final result of the match is uncertain until the last answer.

One of the most important point of the game is the sophisticated system of computation which adds or subtracts points to players so they can't relax until the end because the result is never expected.

Questions are based on the most various arguments like history, geography, astronomy, sport, movies, music, general culture and foresee 5 answers, in which one at least is correct. During the show the "normal" questions alternate with some questions we named "crazy" in which shrewdness and a quick look count and which give a higher score than the traditional ones. There are also questions with multiple answers or questions where you have to guess the correct sequence of some options. Moreovere, there are graphic and multimedia answers which introduce or integrate questions.