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How to play?
Playing Dr.Why is very easy!You only have to form a group of friends, choose one of the over 400 pubs in which every week you can play Dr. Why and ask for a push button panel to our staff.
It is recommended to ask the staff the Creatura card starting from the first match: this is a simple way to register and collect your statistics in our system and to use fully all the services of our community.

The staff can choose the sort of game, the difficulty, and the crazy questions for the show.
The staff can also select the theme of the match, by choosing from one to five possible arguments. The questions we named "crazy" are a "game in the game".
These questions are followed by pictures or music which try out your sense. "At one glance", "Photographic Memory", "Labyrinth" and many others to the newest "Dr. Bingo" and "In search of the lost letters"! Only in the best pubs you find also questions about music and cinema, which are based on the most famous hits of pop music and of TV and movie culture!
Theme song and..let's start with the match! An anchorman reads questions, answers and charts on the screen and enlives the night. The tension for the challenge grows.
The wireless electronical push button panel allows all players to answer the questions directly from their table. The push button panels are the "weapons" to challenge others. it is one of the secret of the success of Dr.Why because no one can stand the temptation to push the right button when one recognizes through the 5 options one answer one knows. Moreover the 5 buttons give the chance to push every finger on the buttons and this promotes the development of teams and socialization.

Question by question charts follow one another (the quickest team gains more points, instead who makes a mistake loses points) and all is resumed with the general partial chart. The scores depend both on the precision of the answer and on the speed you give it; this makes the game more exciting and allows players to measure their ability on promptness, skill and/or luck. Also the strategic factor is important because the abstention of answering the question raises the interest on others' results.
These four characteristics- skill, luck, speed and strategy - togheter with the total reliability of datas, make Dr. Why unique in its category!

There are many ways to choose the best team of the night and in any case, thanks to the rules of Dr.Why, you will know the winner only at the end.
Playoff is also a good solution which allows the best players of the first match to "pass" to final match and to thosewho are on the bottom of the chart to have another chance to win.
The two matches of playoff named "Major league" and "Bush league", are respectively a short challenge of 5 questions, starting from the beginning, with all the push button panels at the last positions (for example from the 11th position to the end of the chart) and the very last final match where all the entitled teams and some of the best team of the Bush League will take part.

Abillity, speed, fortune and strategy will reward the true winners of Dr.Why night! And after the show?? The teams willl find themselves on the chart on-line which is updated every hour with the last publications. Players meet themselves frequently in our community and exchange opinions and tips waiting for the next date in their favourite pubs!