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Become an agent for Dr. Why

A chain of experience and competence

What is

Dr Why?Itis a multimedia game which gives the chance to the clients of public places (pubs, restaurants and so on) to live personally the emotion of a TV quiz with multiple answers based on "Who wants to be a Millionaire".

How does it work?

The wireless push button panels communicate with our software through a radio electronic control unit and allows players to answer in real-time the questions read by an anchorman, who comments them and gives gadgets to the best players.

Web instruments support

is available for the information about the pub and the quiz nights. High-quality equipment made in Italy. Technical support and night assistance. The reliability and competence of the leader company in the interactive entertainment.

- La consapevolezza di scegliere i numeri uno
- Scegli il tuo Start Kit, inizia a lavorare da subito
- Riacquisto di tutta l’attrezzatura in caso di riconsegna
- Nessun obbligo e limiti di minimo fatturato
- Assistenza tecnica con numero dedicato (h 9:30 - 23:00)
- Assistenza tecnica sulle riparazioni delle pulsantiere

Still free areas:

Candidate yourself
as an agent

We have many cooperations all around Italy to sell our products, but some areas are still free. Candidate yourself as our agent and start immediately your business with the best quiz game live of Italy.

Visit and consult the whole list of the free areas and of those in which is possible to work in cooperation with other agencies.